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Jake’s Moving and Storage: The Story of My Grandparents

My grandad, ever the adventurer, chose the Ellis Island route when he journeyed to this country. He was once a child, raised by the strictest of parents. The pictures painted a thousand words, and you could see his life through them. Smiling, you thought, was beyond him when you viewed the photographs. His upbringing nonetheless made him a good person, one could depend on.

Sam fell ill from pneumonia and was then discharged from the Navy because of it. When a portion of one’s lung is removed, it definitely is a cause for concern. The guy, despite having gone through such horrors, was able to adjust to life in the best possible way. The challenges of growing old didn’t bother this individual as he was really determined to make a life for himself.

My grandma’s intelligence, charm, and beauty brought grandad to his knees in more ways than one. All it took was him looking at her to know she was the one. He confidently told a friend of his that she was the person he was marrying.

There were so many ways in which we were touched by this amazing story. The whole family couldn’t wait to be told this story that they gathered on the foot of our grandad’s bed. Pneumonia was at it again and this time we kind of knew it would be worse.

While the situation was sad, it was the way of the world. My grandfather was strong and he would soon be journeying to a happier place – one that was free from pain and suffering.

Almost a decade before – nine years to be exact – my grandmother had passed. High Point Furniture Market, the place where they used to stay, had become our home. We simply had ours rented out. Prom night preparations were done in my mom’s old room. A heart attack then took my mother’s life a couple of months later. When Mother’s Day came, we buried her body.

My grandfather was a conservative Catholic. After he and my grandmother married, however, they both decided to become Methodists. The family heritage lives to this in me and my babies.

My grandparents knew they had to find a place to live. Because this was over many years ago, moving companies such as Jake’s Moving & Storage didn’t exist yet. Logistical solutions were made by none other than my grandparents themselves. The process of moving is a great way for you to know who you are and who your partner is. After much searching, they finally settled in my grandmother’s home.

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