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The Period it Takes For Marijuana to Be Detected

Many companies carry out marijuana tests on their employees for different reasons. In fact, employees who work in the armed forces, security companies and institutions as well as industrial companies that deal with heavy machines must be tested.

Weed detection in someone’s body is determined by how much the person weighs, body fat and how much weed the person consumes in a day.That is to say that the time cannabis remains in a person’s system differs.Conversely, the kind of drug test used to carry out the analysis can determine the time. The three most common type of tests that are used for marijuana includes the hair follicle drug test, the saliva drug test, and the urine drug test.

The Urine Drug Test

Nowadays, all medical practitioners around the world use this drug test. During this test, the doctor’s test for the presence of THC-COOH in urine which is not a psychoactive element.
How frequent an individual uses weed defines the outcome of the urine test, but body fat and heaviness of a person are not determinants.Following consumption, the THC-COOH substance can be detected within 2-5 hours. A one-time cannabis user will test positive within one to six days after use, but a frequent user of marijuana will take up to thirty or more days before marijuana is detected in their body.

The Saliva Test

The saliva drug test is mainly administered by police officers to drivers who seem to be driving while under the influence of drugs. Although THC elements can be identified within one hour immediately a person consumes weed, it cannot last more than 24 hours for first-time consumers and not more than three days for heavy users.

The Hair Follicle Drug Test

Even though the hair follicle test is not a conventional drug test technique for marijuana, it is the most effective marijuana test since it has a more prolonged detection time. THC compound in this test can be detected seven days after consuming marijuana and will often last for three months. While carrying out the test, the doctors often pick the hair that is much closer to the scalp since it is capable of recording the health of an individual and the amount of marijuana that the patient has taken over a 90 day period.

The Blood Test

Since the blood drug test displays results in a few hours; it is the most effective drug test for weed. With the blood drug test, physicians look for the active THC elements in cannabis.Traces of THC chemicals may be detected with a period of 24 hours for a first time user and within 2-7 days for a frequent user.

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